With Antox®, we offer an extensive portfolio of pickling products for the surface treatment of stainless steels. Our innovative and strong chemical processes create a scale-free surface while at the same time improving the chemical resistance of your stainless steel substrates.

Nowadays, stainless steels can be found in all walks of life. They are increasingly being used for visible parts such as façades, windows, doors and kitchens. Their excellent corrosion resistance is based on a passive layer – a chrome oxide layer that forms spontaneously provided the chrome content of the stainless steel is higher than 12 %. A metallically clean, smooth surface is one of the prerequisites for formation of a protective passive layer.

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Chemical processes for metallically clean surfaces

The protective passive layer may be damaged during the processing of stainless steels by drilling, turning, milling, bending, welding or heat treatment. The Antox® technology ensures that your metal surfaces are protected from disturbing influences such as temperature-related oxidation and discoloration, metal deposition and organic impurities – without changing their surface structure.

To ecologically and economically remove the individual impurities, we offer an extensive technology portfolio under the trade name Antox®. Our stainless steel pickling products improve the corrosion resistance by

  • • allowing a simple removal of contaminants
  • • achieving a metallically clean surface
  • • supporting the formation of a new protective passive layer

All our Antox® stainless steel pickling technologies are free from hydrochloric acid and chlorides.

Our technology portfolio:

  • • Bath pickling agent
  • • Cleaners
  • • Neutralizing paste
  • • Pickling cleaners
  • • Pickling paste
  • • Pickling and polishing paste
  • • Spray pickling agent
  • • Bath pickling agent
  • • Passivating agents
  • • Stainless steel surface care products
  • • Tools such as brushes, manual spray pickling device, pickling pump

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