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WaterJet 5 Hand Pump Backpack

The backpack pump is a valuable tool used in many fire situations such as initial attack, hot spotting, and bushfire fighting.
Rugged construction designed to withstand abuse – this 5-gallon backpacks are ergonomic design for user comfort.
Designed to hold up to harsh environments, these poly tanks will not dent and are completely corrosion- and UV-resistant.
Comfortable 2″ adjustable shoulder straps.
A large 4″ filler opening with drop-in filter screen for easy filling and cleaning.
Other features include a 52″ oil-resistant hose for greater pump mobility.
For extra safety, two reflective stripes added.

We are constantly upgrading our product based on the feedback we get from our users in the field.

Here are some of the upgrades:

VGD New WaterJet 5 Chest Straps and Wast Belt

New WaterJet 5 Chest Straps and Wast Belt

VGD New WaterJet 5 Rivets

New WaterJet 5 Rivets

VGD WaterJet 5 Spigot update

New WaterJet 5 Spigot

VGD New WaterJet 5 Pump

New WaterJet 5 Pump

VGD WaterJet 5

WaterJet 5 #5500-9005


VGD Pulaski Axe

A Pulaski is a tool with a wooden or fibreglass handle and both an axe head and hoe at the end.
Used for clearing vegetation, the axe head is used to cut thick roots and the hoe is used to dig them away and clear the ground.
The combination of axe and grub hoe will chop, grub and dig lines in hard and soft soils.
Designed with reinforcement sections at critical stress points the tool combines an axe and an adze in one head, similar to that of the cutter mattock with a rigid handle of wood, plastic, or fibreglass.
The Pulaski is a versatile tool for constructing firebreaks, as it can be used to both dig soil and chop wood. It is also well adapted for trail construction, gardening,
and other outdoor work.
As a gardening or excavation tool, it is effective for digging holes in root-bound or hard soil.

Optional Pulaski Wood or Fiberglass handle

Pulaski Wood and Fiberglass handle


A firefighter’s shovel has a smaller blade and longer handle than a regular garden shovel. The head is angled forward to facilitate scooping and scraping dirt.
The shovels are used to scrape vegetation off the ground and throw dirt onto the flames.

VGD Fire Shovel Red

Fire Shovel Red #5500-0048


VGD Fire Hose

Fire hose is generally woven polyester with a rubber or plastic lining. Similar to mill hose, the fire hose is a high-pressure hose that carries water or other fire retardants (such as foam), for use in firefighting application.

VGD Hose Liner Info

VGD Hose Liner Info

Fire Hose
Diameter Length Working Packages Diameter Weight Product
Ft Pressure Carton Inner Outer lbs./pc Code
1-1/2 Inch 100 188 PSI 5 38mm 40mm 8 55001590
1-1/2 Inch 100 290 PSI 5 38mm 40mm 10 55001590



The ideal lightweight solution for carrying and storing water in the outdoors. Made of rugged vinyl-coated nylon, this is one of the highest quality water buckets on the market. Whether you’re carrying water from a creek or other water source to your campsite this lightweight pail makes the chore a breeze.

Easy fill

Strong spring steel wire is embedded in the opening which provides easy filling while dragging it through the water or holding it to a water tap.


Strong nylon straps reinforced at attached points extend the service life and concern of premature failure.

VDG Collapsible Water Pail

VDG Collapsible Water Pail #5500-9216

Collapsible Water Bucket
VGD Collapsible Water pail

VGD Collapsible Water pail

VGD Water Pail partially collapsed

VGD Water Pail partially collapsed

VGD Water Pail Collapsed

VGD Water Pail Collapsed

Packs light and tight

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