Gold Pin Shackle



For the toughest industrial requirement – Reach for the Gold!

Golden Pin Shackle

We stand behind our commitment to quality by putting our name on our product.

Over the past 30+ years, Vanguard’s ‘Golden Pin’ ® Shackle has earned the reputation of ‘top-of-the-line’ products with Batch numbers for traceability, making them the preferred choice for all critical rigging applications. Golden Pin ® is designed to meet the toughest industry standards.
Whether you are securing your boat or determining a critical lift, Vanguards Golden Pin ® has you covered every step of the lift.

Confidence in Experience.
Vanguard has been in business for over 60 years. The Golden Seal is our guarantee for Quality, Consistency and Value.

COLD TEMP? no problem.

Meet DNV impact requirements of
42 joules (31ft.lbs) at -20 degrees C (-4 degrees F).

Design Factor   6 : 1

Meets the performance requirements of:
U.S. Fed. Specs RR-C-271D, Type IV A, Grade A, Class 2

GP Shackles Markings and 45

Brand - Trace Code - 45deg Safety Markers

• Name or Trademark of Manufacturer
• Rated Load
• Size
• We added Tracing code

W.L.L. - Size

W.L.L. - Size

• Heat treated carbon steel bows, quenched and tempered with Alloy pins
• Hot dipped galvanized
• Metallic coating of shackle pins allows for closer thread tolerances than possible for shackles with an extra layer of paint

To assure total traceability and to exceed the requirements of ASME B30.26 ‘Golden Pin’ shackles are embossed with:

Golden Pin’ shackle Body’s are embossed with:
• Vanguard  or (VGD®)
• WLL (working load limit)
• Size
• Trace Code
• ‘New’ 45deg Safety Markers

Golden Pin’ shackles pins are stamped with:
• Vanguard I.D. (VGD®)
• Alloy Pin I.D.WLL (HS)
• Yellow chromate for instant recognition
• Trace Code

Gold Pin Screw Pin Anchor Shackle
High Alloy Pin - Brand

High Alloy Pin - Brand

H.S. = High Strength.
VGD = Vanguard Steel.
XXX = Tracing Code

Trace Code

Trace Code

There are times you might not know the details, with Gold you don’t have to.

No Name has its place. For the peace of mind, Golden Pin has all the tracing needed so you don’t have to worry

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