Grade 80 Chain Sling Calculator


*See bottom for detailed instructions on how to use the Chain Sling Calculator

Select the style of chain sling you require


Next, identify what type of hooks are needed


Slip, Grab or Self looking


Select the required length of the legs

  • 1ft, 5ft or 10ft etc…
Measure how long the leg needs to be

Measure how long the leg needs to be


Identify if you would need this to be adjustable.

Depending on the load you are lifting you might need to shorten one leg.

Odd length
Adjustable Legged Chain Sling

Adjustable Legged Chain Sling

*Important instructions – Please read carefully

Here are a few things you will need to understand before using this calculator.

  • Select the Grade and Size from the bottom tabs
  • Enter the length of the leg of the chain sling and press Enter
    (Note: You only have access to the “length field”. Yellow box with the number 1)
  • You will need to call in for Prices
  • Select the type of sling you require
  • Directly beside the picture of the type of sling, you will see how many units you will require
  • In the light green cells of each type of sling will be the name of the sling (example: SOS | Call 4 Price)

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