LPT Polyester Slings


Vanguard introduces an industry first, Proof Tested polyester slings done by their factory thereby not voiding the integrate of the sling and warrantee as stated in other manufactures fine print.

The new tags will have “PT” stamped on them for quick identification.

  • P=Proof
  • T=Tested

A certificate with details can be supplied if required, however, you will know by the markings that all measures have been taken in the testing of each sling.

One extra piece of mind showing you that Vanguard goes the extra mile.

PT Proof Test logo
Vanguard Steels LPT Slings

PT Marking on Tag

LPT Standard warning tag

LPT Standard warning tag

Above picture shows the standard warning tag most slings come with.

Below’s picture shows the added Insection Report tag we have secured to each of our slings. Safety is at the heart of everything we do.

VGD LPT Sling Tag inspection record 2019

LPT Sling Tag inspection record 2019

With so many quality and knockoff sling manufacturers out there how do you know you have a quality sling?

To be honest, it is almost impossible to tell with just a visual inspection. Here are a few ways to check.

  • Track record of the manufacture is one way of knowing.
    While this is a good start, you likely don’t know if the sling was made for a distributor under their private label program or the actual factory.
    They could always change manufacturers and or quality and still have the same overall look. 
  • Physical inspection will only give you so much information.
    You can do a physical inspection but this isn’t always practical if you are buying them over the phone or on-line. Then it’s difficult to know if the stitching is done correctly and the grade of polyester is of top quality.
  • Proof Testing. 
    This would be the ultimate assurance that the sling will do what the manufacturer claims it will do. This, however, is extremely costly and time-consuming.
    Firstly you will need to find a shop that has a testbed.
    Then each sling will need to be test pulled to 150% of the working load. But wait, some manufacturers do not allow you to proof load their sling or it will void their warranty. You would have to get written permission to do this.

Well, we have taken all this effort out and had our factory do the Proof Testing for you. All our LPT slings are Proof Tested to give you a baseline confidence that you have the sling you ordered at the quality level you’re paying for. Critical lifts are now less critical.

VGD VQ L-Series Type 3 EE2-902 Poly Sling

Our factory is: ISO 9001:2015 Certified and a member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association)

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