VQ Eye and Eye Wheel Choker

VQ Eye and Eye Wheel Choker

Our VQ Wheel chokers are normally used on recovery vehicles to assist with tying down vehicles to a trailer without damaging alloy wheels. The soft polyester strap is strong enough to take a load of up to 2600 lbs. The polyester eyes replace the old style D-rings to prevent scratching and a protective cover that protect the polyester strands.

VQ Sling Wheel Choker Eye view

Sling Wheel Choker Eye view

Wheel Choker Wheel and Sling 2
Recovery Wheel Straps

Wow, they don't scratch the rims like the old D-ring ones...

Don Richardson
Sling Wheel Choker 2-min
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Basic Instructions

To assist with their safe usage, we have compiled these wheel choker instructions.

  •      • The straps are used in conjunction with a long strap (normally 4m long).
  •      • The long strap is passed through the eye at one end of the wheel strap,
    around the back of the wheel of the vehicle and back through the eye at
    the other end of the wheel strap.

The wheel strap lays horizontally across the side of the wheel.

Wheel Choker Diagram

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