VQ L-Series Polyester Round Slings


VQ L-Series Round slings come with FREE SLIP LEATHER tags that offer a number of advantages for rigging purposes. The sleeve has a standard plastic safety tag sewn with safety information stamped on. There is an additional ‘Free Slip’ leather tag with the same information stamped which allows the user to easily view the tag no matter how the sling is being used.

The leather safety tag doesn’t crack or wear like the plastic ones giving you longer service life.

Round slings are made of polyester yarn with continuous loop encased in a sleeve of polyester fabric. The sleeve is colour coded for easy working load capacity identification and constructed so that it protects the internal rows of yarn filament keeping them parallel at all times. The low stretch characteristics of polyester yarn prevent ‘load bounce’ when lifting.

VQ L-Series round slings are extremely light weight and flexible, allowing easy and quick manipulation even when fragile loads are being lifted

100% Genuine Leather Safety Tag

100% Genuine Leather Tag

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VGD VQ L-Series Type 3 EE2-902 Poly Sling

VQ L-Series Type 3 EE2-902 Poly Sling

VGD VQ L-Series Round Slings


  • VQ L-Series Round Sling Free Tag Low-min
  • VQ L-Series Round Sling Free Tag Mid-min
  • VQ L-Series Round Sling Free Tag Top-min

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