VQ Polyester Winch Strap w/D Ring

VQ Polyester Winch Strap complete with D-Ring

Winch straps are the most common tie downs for flatbed trailer loads.
Made of durable polyester webbing, providing excellent retained tension on rigid loads.
It has excellent recovery properties that help absorb impact without strap breakage.
Does not absorb moisture, shrink or stretch.

High visible yellow to make it easily discernible from most background.

VQ Polyester Winch Strap
VGD's VQ Polyester Winch Strap

VQ Polyester Winch Strap D-ring view

VGD VQ Polyester Winch Strap markings

4″ wide with a length of 30ft. The manufacturer, working load and breaking strength is marked every 8 feet.

Each strap is tagged with:

VGD Vanguard Steel Ltd
Working Load Limit
Part number

VGD VQ Winch Strap Tag
4″30ftD Ring3.9054003709 3430

Warning: Make sure that webbing is inserted minimum 12″ into the slot on mandrel
               and wrapped 2-3 times around mandrel before tightening.
               Do not use extension with winch bar.
               Do not release winch bar without prior checking that ratchet pawls are properly engaged.
               Hold winch bar tightly to avoid bar from slipping out of your hands.
               Excessive webbing on winches reduces working load limits.
               Always follow lashing winch instructions.

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