Hard Copy Catalogue Updates

Errors and omissions correction.
Every effort was made to make sure the hard copy info was correct at time of print.
Below is the section where there was information found and corrections were taken. If you find anything in our catalogue that might be incorrect or missing please email or call us. We appreciate your feedback and will make the necessary adjustments.

Copper Oval Sleeves
Issue: 2952 Code error
Action: Code updated to 2953

Standard Sliding Winches
Issue: Dimensions on 37051020 were incorrect.
Working Load were 5,400lbs

T-316 Stainless Steel Chain WLL
Issue: WLL was for lower grade chain we no longer stock.
Action: Now stocking higher load rating and info has now been changed on the website.

Weld on Hooks
Issue: Content on Codes and Dimension is from Carbon hooks.
Action: Codes and Dimensional info changed to correct data.

Black Pin Alloy Clevis Slip Hooks
Issue: Stainless Steel Latch Kit code is wrong
Action: Codes have been corrected.

Issue: Side colour bar description states “shackles”
Action: Side colour bar description changed to “Slings”

Swaging Sleeves
Issue: Rope size and code on 1-1/8 – 1-1/4 was incorrect.
Action: Sizes and codes were updated on the website.

Stainless Steel Shackle
Issue: Dimensional information and part numbers are incorrect.
Action: Dimensional info and codes were updated on the website.

Swivels Table of Contents
Issue: Jaw and Jaw
Action: Line changed to Jaw and Eye

Grade 100 Subassembly
Issue: Dimensional diagram didn’t have correct letter reference.
Action: Dimensional letters added to diagram and updated on the website.

Heavy Duty Wire Rope Thimbles
Issue: 1-3/8″- 1-1/4″ is incorrect
Action: Line have been corrected to 1-3/8″ – 1-1/2″

T316 Heavy Duty Wire Rope Thimbles
Issue: No longer carry 316
Action: we now carry T304 and it has been updated

Spare Parts for Cable Cutters
Issue:3002 3009 part number incorrect. Should be 3002 3099
Action: Part number has been corrected.