The ideal tool box for garages, truck beds, work sites and industrial applications

Vanguard has listened to the users, written down their wishes and created The ideal toolbox for garages, truck beds, worksites and industrial applications where job site secure storage is required.

VQ Took Job Box

JB 3628
  • Wide 36"
  • Depth: 17"
  • Height: 22"
  • PN#3710-0036

VQ Took Job Box

JB 4828
  • Wide 48"
  • Depth: 24"
  • Height: 28"
  • PN#3710-0048

VQ Took Job Box

JB 6028
  • Wide 60"
  • Depth: 31"
  • Height: 33"
  • PN#3710-0060
Vanguard Job box Gun metal black

Don’t stand out in the crowd.

Our customers spent hard-earned money on an expensive truck only to have a bright toolbox screaming look at me and all the tools in here. Also, you just got a black edition truck, then have large ads of who makes the box etc. We agree.

Hing and Hydraulic view

Best of both worlds

Hydraulic lift plus locking hinge. Our lids are supplied with a hydraulic lift on one side for user assist and a locking hinge on the other side to keep the lid from closing when opened.

Why did we do this? Over time, hydraulic lifts lose effectiveness and the last thing you need is the lid closing when you reach in to lift out a tool. With the assist of one hydraulic lift, you can operate the lift with one hand and then lock it off with the hinge for added comfort of not getting decapitated.

Job Box Black showing seal

Seal the lid!!!

We have heard that there is nothing more frustrating than driving a long way on a gravel road and arriving only to spend valuable time cleaning your tools and dusting out your box before even starting the job or having expensive tools wet and starting to rust. We listened. We added a rubber seal at the opening to protect against water and dust getting into the box.

KISS Locking system.

Stick to the basics, is what we have heard. There are some fancy one-lock sliding levers that sound great and are great when they work, but beat them over time and there is nothing that raises the blood pressure more than not being able to get into your box. We stuck to the simple recessed lock system. KISS Keep it simple stupid… and saves money both on the front end and possible repairs.