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Please read carefully before using any of our products

While Vanguard’s VGD takes great pride in manufacturing and offering top-notch rigging and Hardware products, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the use of such equipment can be risky if not employed correctly by trained and competent professionals. VGD  Products explicitly disclaims any liability arising from the improper use of its rigging and Hardware products. We kindly urge you to carefully review our disclaimer for a more comprehensive understanding.

Our rigging and Hardware are specifically designed for use by individuals who have received proper training and possess the necessary expertise. It’s imperative to realize that misusing this equipment can lead to severe injuries, including the loss of life. Consequently, Vanguard’s VGD Rigging Products absolves itself of any responsibility for the incorrect selection or misuse of our products by our customers.

For your safety and that of others, all rigging and Hardware obtained from Vanguard’s VGD Rigging Products should strictly adhere to industry and WorkSafe standards. Under no circumstances should this equipment be utilized beyond its certified load ratings, also known as Working Load Limits. It is essential to anticipate regular wear and tear in the course of using rigging and Hardware. Therefore, we strongly recommend a thorough inspection before each use. Any gear that displays signs of wear or damage should never be used to ensure the utmost safety.


Inspect your rigging regularly

we strongly recommend a thorough inspection before each use.

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