Suitable welding positions

AWS A5.20 E 71T-1
EN 758 T 460RC1
CWB W48.5

CWB to CSA W48-14
Classification: E491 T1-C1 A3-CS1-H8 (E491 T-9-H8)
                          E491 T1-M20A3-CS1-H8 (E491 T-9M-H8)
AWS/ASME A5.36/A5.36M:2016


Typical applications
Gas shielded flux cored welding wire that can be used for all-position welding. It is intended for semi-automatic and automatic single and multiple pass welding of 490 MPa high tensile steel. Engineered to yield weld-metal mechanical properties down to temperature of -30 ° C (-20° F), with gas mixtures of Argon + 20% CO2 to 100% CO2•

Commonly used when welding of structural steels, bridge building, construction equipment, ship building, farm machinery, and general carbon steel fabrications.

Characteristics on usage

  • Titania type flux cored wire for all-position welding
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • X-Ray quality welds
  • Good impact at low temperatures
  • Excellent usability, very stable arc
  • Easy slag removal, very little spatter generated and smooth bead shape

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal (%)

Shielding GasCSiMnPS

Sizes available and recommended currents (DC +)

Dia. (mm)1.2                                                    1.6
Amp.F120 ~ 300200 ~ 450
H – fillets120 ~ 300200 ~ 400
V120 ~ 250180 ~ 220


ABS, BV, DNV, GL, KR, LR, NK, CWB, CCS (80% Ar + 20%CO2 ·TUV CWB)

Typical mechanical properties of all-weld-metal

Shielding GasY.P
N/mm² {kgf/mm²}
N/mm² {kgf/mm²}
Charpy V-notch I.V
J {kgf · m}
CO2520 {53}580 {59}2950 {5} (-20°C)         

Product Codes

0.09 mm1    kg6950 0109
1.20 mm1    kg6950 0112
0.09 mm4.5 kg6950 0509
1.20 mm4.5 kg6950 0512
1.20 mm20  kg6950 2012
1.60 mm20  kg6950 2016