E 70C-6M

Suitable welding positions

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CWB to CSA W48-14
Classification: E490T15-M21 A3-CS1 -HS (E492C-6M-H8) AWS/ASME A5.36/A5.36M:2016

Typical applications

Butt and fillet welding of steel structures such as construction machines, industrial machinery, and buildings, etc.

Characteristics on usage

  • Very good Charpy V notch toughness at low temperatures
  • Good penetration and excellent welding characteristics
  • Excellent product for fillet welding
  • High tolerance to rust, primer and mill scale (compared to E70C-3M)
  • Designed for semi-automatic and automatic single and multiple pass welding
  • Slag quantity is almost the same as solid wire (ER70S-6) which allows for multiple pass welding to be performed without having to remove the slag

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal (%)

Shielding GasCSiMnPS
Ar + 20% CO20.040.61.500.0140.017

Sizes available and recommended currents (DC +)

Dia. (mm)1.2                                                    1.6
Amp.F160 ~ 350220 ~ 450
H – fillets180 ~ 360280 ~ 450


ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LR, RINA, CWB. (80% Ar + 20%CO2 ·TUV CWB)

Typical mechanical properties of all-weld-metal

Shielding GasY.P
N/mm² {kgf/mm²}
N/mm² {kgf/mm²}
Charpy V-notch I.V
J {kgf · m}
Ar + 20% CO2530 {54}610 {62}2755 {6} (-29°C)

Product Codes

1.20 mm .04520 kg6915 2012
1.40 mm .05220 kg6915 2014
1.60 mm .06220 kg6915 2016