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educating is a commitment

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Here at Vanguard, we are committed to supporting our distribution network, our customers, and the professional user wherever possible.
Whether it’s to do with:

• Product compliance

• Product performance

• Product Maintenance

Information is key and will be provided to you in ways to help achieve success. 

Product Compliance.

Each of Vanguard’s products meets or even exceed industry standard so that our customers and users know they will comply and keep them safe.

Product performance.

Each product is designed to perform a certain way and it is extremely important that the user of these products educate themselves on how to correctly use them

Product maintenance.

To help get the most out of our products and extend the life and safety, it is vital that proper maintenance be done to each of our products. Whether it’s a visual inspection or a complete rebuild of a tool there must be steps taken.

In the departments below we have compiled

  • information pertinent to the product
  • How-to-videos
  • tips and tricks 

and we have also added links to specific website pages to assist you to gather the information you might need. 

Please select the department required

New Departments Continually added