What is VGD?




The birth of the succinct and impactful three-letter acronym, “VGD,” reflects Vanguard Steel’s unwavering dedication to innovation and distinctiveness. Within the niche realms of industrial rigging, hardware, welding, abrasives, and industrial knives, VGD serves a dual purpose. As “Value-Grade Devices,” it embodies Vanguard Steel’s pledge to furnish top-tier rigging and hardware products, characterized by an unyielding commitment to quality and value. This pledge extends its reach across three key divisions—Industrial Hardware and Rigging, Welding and Abrasives, and Industrial Knives—all unified under the VGD banner.

In the broader scope of Vanguard Steel’s four divisions, VGD strategically sets itself apart from Specialty Steel, marking the identity of a distinctive trio of divisions with a shared emphasis on excellence in industrial hardware, rigging, welding, abrasives, and industrial knives. This intentional use of VGD not only underscores Vanguard Steel’s dedication to delivering outstanding products and services but also facilitates clear identification and recognition within the diverse sectors the company serves. Essentially, VGD emerges as a guiding light within the Vanguard Steel umbrella, symbolizing an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation across a spectrum of industrial disciplines.

As “Value-Grade Devices” echoes through the halls of Vanguard Steel, it stands as a testament to the company’s proactive approach in meeting the evolving needs of its clientele. The carefully curated trio of divisions—Industrial Hardware and Rigging, Welding and Abrasives, and Industrial Knives—align seamlessly under the VGD banner, emphasizing a shared commitment to quality and value. This strategic alignment not only streamlines the company’s organizational structure but also reinforces Vanguard Steel’s reputation as an industry leader that continually pioneers innovation and sets the standard for excellence in diverse industrial sectors.