Vanguard Quality

Value meets Quality


Vanguard Quality

Value meets Quality

A lot of thought went into these two letters because of what it entails.

Vanguard Steel has spent the last 61 years working with factories around the world to bring quality made products at a value that is competitive. They believe there is a line where Quality and Value cross and this is where they have spent their energy focusing on; the three pillars. Every one of their products that carries the ‘VQ’ logo has been hand selected for being the best in each category;


Quality of how the product is manufactured. When weighing these points there are a number of questions that need to be asked. Each question has a point factor which then gets added up to give a score. Only the best of these make the cut.


The effectiveness of how well the product performed in the field. Not all products perform equally in the field so that is why they spend the time selecting and correct each of the VQ products until they make the cut.


Price is where everything ends up being judged. Here is where the final tests are done. With every drop in price, there is something that will be sacrificed and they have gone over this in fine detail. You can rest assured that every effort has been made to make sure you don’t pay higher than you need to without sacrificing quality or effectiveness of the product.

The VQ brand is a promise that every effort has been made to help you buy with confidence.

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