Grade 80 Alloy Lifting


*See bottom for detailed instructions on how to use the Chain Sling Calculator

Select the style of chain sling you require

Understanding the description and how to order

  1. Select the grade of chain.
  2. Select the size of chain based of the load you need to lift.
  3. Select the length of the legs you require.
  4. Select the number of legs you need.
  5. Select upper side of sling.
    i.e. “S” single and then “O” Master link or “G” Grab etc…
  6. Select lower end fitting.
  7. Select if you want to be able to adjust by adding an “A” (sometimes added at the beginning as above diagram)

Standard Type Slings

Standard Type of Hooks

Adjustable Style

Grade 80 Lifting Swivel Eye Bolts

Rotates under load

As a safety precaution, Normal Eye Bolts are not recommended for Lifting at angles. Made from all steel construction the swivel lifting eye is a heavy duty lifting device which enables the user to safely lift units from horizontal to vertical and back again if required. Swivel Lifting Eyes are used where it is necessary to have full rotation of the loop Pivots 180 degrees and swivels 360 degrees simultaneously to allow lifting from any direction.

Other Name:
Swivel Hoist Ring
Swivel Shackle
Grade 80 Rotating Eye Bolt

Inch Size - Black Base

VGD G8 Swivels Imperial colour
G-80 Swivel Rings           
Tape Size WLLDimensionsWeightProduct
D  0 deg.90 deg.AWBCEGTN  

Metric Size - Red Base

VGD Grade 80 Metric Lifting Swivel
Tap SizeDimensions (mm)WLL at Lift Angle (tons)Weight (lbs/pc)Vanguard Code
AEWØ0 Deg.90 Deg.
M8551330130.600.300.922978 20813
M8551830130.600.300.952978 20818
M10551830130.900.450.962978 21018
M10552530130.900.451.112978 21025
M12552030131.000.501.112978 21220
M12552730131.000.501.112978 21227
M16552430132.001.121.112978 21624
M16553030132.001.121.122978 21630
M16553530132.001.121.152978 21635
M20853040184.002.002.142978 22030
M20854340184.002.002.202978 22043
M24853040186.303.153.222978 22430
M24853840186.303.153.272978 22438
M3011535502510.605.304.812978 23035
M3011550502511.808.008.302978 23050
M3611554502511.808.008.652978 23654

Grade 80 Video

VGD Grade 80 Connecting Links

  • Fast, easy assembly without the need for special tools or skills.
  • Designed for attaching hooks, master links and other end fittings to Grade 80 alloy chain.
  • Approved for overhead lifting, when all components are grade 80

VGD Grade 80 Self Locking SC Hooks

  • Easily attaches to Grade 80 chain with pin and cotter.
  • The latch on this hook automatically closes when pulling force is applied.
  • Approved for overhead lifting, when all components are grade 80.

VGD Grade 80 Clevis Grab Hooks

  • Easily attaches to Grade 80 chain with pin and cotter.
  • Approved for overhead lifting, when all components are grade 80