Over 390ºF, the product colour changes from red/orange to brown and it becomes black at 750ºF.

Grade 100 Alloy Lifting

Another reason to buy Vanguard

Colour Grade change 440ºF – 530ºF – 570ºF – 610ºF – 660ºF – 750ºF

Reasons for capacity reductions

Environment temperatureReduction
Below -40°CNot Allowed
From -40°C to 200°CNone
From 200°C to 300°C- 10%
From 300°C to 380°C- 25%
Above 380°CNot allowed

Since early 2000, all CARTEC items grade 80 and grade 100 are supplied with photochromatic paint.

This paint has the characteristic of being an excellent overheating indicator because it can change its colour while temperature rises.

Over 390ºF, the product colour changes from red/orange to brown and it becomes black at 750ºF.

(Dir. 2006/42/EC s.m.i Ali. VI )
1) The device is intended to be incorporated on a lifting sling and include a user and maintenance manual with the following: how to use, testing before uses, limits and prohibitions.
2) Check correct assembly with chains/accessories in compliance to the dimensions and capacity.
3) The device for the sling shall be assembled by a competent and qualified person.
4) Before using each time, make sure that the lifting accessory does not have defects due to te wear, corrosion, cracks or visible deformations, the marking is clearly legible, all components are assembled and installed properly.
5) In regards to lifting accessories, the devices for slings have to undergo inspections at regular intervals and recorded in a specific logbook at yearly intervals at least.
For particularly heavy work we suggest the following regular intervals:
• Six monthly: if accessories are used rarely;
• Quarterly: if accessories are used normally;
• Monthly: if accessories are used intensely;
Staff must check that:
-The markings are clearly legible;
-The lifting accessory at the point of contact between the chain hook/connection mesh has not suffered wear higher than 10% compared with the initial measurement
-The hook has not undergone a permanent deformation or change in shape and has not suffered distortion causing an increase in the throat opening by 10% or more.
If only one of the aforementioned checks does not comply with the parameters shown, the sling is to be considered not suitable and safe for lifting; therefore it must be disposed of and no longer used.
6) In case of strong magnetic fields, before each use, carefully check that the lifting accessory components are assembled correctly and that they have net suffered deformations that would affect their operation and safety; otherwise, the accessory must be replaced.
7) After assembly, make sure that:
• the load pin inserted in the hook clevis is locked with the spring pìn.
• the load pin inserted in the coupling links are secured properly by the split ring retainer pin.
8) The operating load WLL varies depending on the lifting angle and the type of sling on which the device is assembled on.

10)  4:1 Design factor
11) The accessory can be used safely until I a maximum of 20.000 cycles at or below WLL
12) If parts or the accessory are replaced only spare parts or the original CARTEC kit provided by the manufacturer should be used
13) Store the accessory in a suitable space ( e.g. Dry, not corrosive etc.)
14) Net suitable te be used in acid environments, or highly corrosive with chemical substances, in explosive environments, with a temperature higher than 380°C or lower than – 40°C
15) Do not exceed operating loads referred te on the reference chart
16) Do not use for operations which defer from the ones that are foreseen
17) Not suitable to lift people
18) If the instructions are not adhered to, serious damage can be caused to things and injuries or death to people
19) If changes, repairs and/or treatments are made to the product, the terms of the guarantee are no longer applicable and the manufacturer declines all liability
20) lt is forbidden the use or lifting accessories without a latch to help prevent sudden and involuntary loss and fall of the load
21) Sale use or the foundry hook or series CYX, CYFX and any other accessories without a safety device. lt is mandatory for those performing lifting operations using
accessories without a latch to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of people (i.e. compartmentalization and safe arrangement of the manoeuvring area, limitation of lift heights, etc.).

Clevis shortening hook


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*See bottom for detailed instructions on how to use the Chain Sling Calculator

Select the style of chain sling you require


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Important instructions – Please read carefully
Here are a few things you will need to understand before using this calculator.

  • Select the Grade and Size from the bottom tabs
  • Enter the length of the leg of the chain sling and press Enter
    (Note: You only have access to the “length field”. Yellow box with the number 1)
  • You will need to call in for Prices
  • Select the type of sling you require
  • Directly beside the picture of the type of sling, you will see how many units you will require
    In the light green cells of each type of sling will be the name of the sling (example: SOS | Call 4 Price)

Understanding the description and how to order

  1. Select the grade of chain.
  2. Select the size of chain based of the load you need to lift.
  3. Select the length of the legs you require.
  4. Select the number of legs you need.
  5. Select upper side of sling.
    i.e. “S” single and then “O” Master link or “G” Grab etc…
  6. Select lower end fitting.
  7. Select if you want to be able to adjust by adding an “A” (sometimes added at the beginning as above diagram)

Standard Type Slings

Single Leg
Double Leg
Triple and Quad Leg

Standard Type of Hooks

Adjustable Style