Vanguard Tungsten Gold

1.5% Lanthanated (Rare Earth) Tungsten (Color Code Gold)

This Rare Earth tungsten electrode has excellent arc starting, a low burn off rate, very good arc stability and
excellent re-ignition characteristics. It work well on AC or DC electrode negative with a pointed end, or it can be
balled for use with AC sine wave power sources.

1.5% Lanthanated tungsten also maintains a sharpened point well, which is an advantage when welding steel and
stainless steel on DC or the AC from square wave power sources. Much like 2% Ceriated tungsten this tungsten
allow the arc to be started and maintained at lower AC voltages (compared to Pure Tungsten). It is also has a higher
current carrying capacity of approximately 50% than the pure tungsten of the same diameter

Product Codes

6405-1000  040″ x 7″
6405-1600  1/16″ x 7″
6405-2400  3/32″ x 7″
6405-3200  1/8″ x 7″