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Suitable welding positions
For hard facing (Hv550~700)
Hardfacing for wear plate and weld metal's hardness should be about Hv 550~700
Classifications JIS Z 3326 : YF3B-C-600


  • It is designed for welding of metal to metal and underlying welding of hard-facing
  • Typical applications include crane wheels, blower blades, bucket lips, dredge parts etc
  • In order to minimize cracking, one should obey the preheat and interpass temperature

Polarity & shielding gas

  • CO2: 100% CO2 (15~25 /min)
  • DCEP (DC+)

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal (%)

Shielding gasCSiMnPSCrMo

Typical mechanical properties of all-weld-metal

  Typical valueInterpass 
 HvHRCHsTemp(C )Remarks
Example (CO2)550~70052~6069~81200As weld
*Composition and hardness depend upon dilution. Single layer deposit 
hardness depend upon base metal and/or build-up material. 

Product Codes

6836 2012.0451.2mm
6836 2016.0621.6mm